The Benefits of Choosing a Female Plastic Surgeon

The Benefits of Choosing a Female Plastic Surgeon

Although training and experience are two of the most important factors when choosing a plastic surgeon, many female patients admit that they feel more comfortable working with a female doctor. While the decision to work with a female or male plastic surgeon comes down to personal preference, there are benefits to choosing a female plastic surgeon. Top Greenwich plastic surgeon Dr. Sandra Margoles discusses these benefits in this blog post.

Longer Consultations

Because your initial consultation with your plastic surgeon is your first opportunity to learn about your plastic surgeon and the procedure you seek, it is imperative that you make the most out of your time there. Research shows that female doctors tend to spend a longer amount of time with their patients than their male counterparts during office visits. This means patients have more time to discuss their needs in detail, without feeling rushed when asking questions. Not only can you get a better understanding of your procedure, but you have more time to build rapport and trust with your plastic surgeon, helping to ease any nerves or concerns you may have about your procedure.

Firsthand Understanding of Female Cosmetic Concerns and Goals

Female plastic surgeons have a natural understanding of the female aging process because they are experiencing it themselves. Many patients report feeling more comfortable discussing cosmetic concerns with their most intimate body areas with female doctors because they are more likely to relate. This allows patients to talk freely and candidly, allowing that plastic surgeon to create a treatment plan that best achieves the patient’s desired outcome.

Female doctors may also be better at interpreting how a female patient feels about her appearance and what goals she would like to achieve. While male plastic surgeons can be expertly trained in female plastic surgery, they do not have the firsthand experience or perspective of how breast sag can hinder one’s self-confidence and how breast lift or breast augmentation can help restore it.

To discuss your cosmetic needs and goals with an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon, schedule a consultation with Dr. Margoles. The trusted surgeon has helped hundreds of men and women look and feel their best. Contact her plastic surgery practice by calling (203) 869-2939 today.


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