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Breast Lift Surgery in GREENWICH, CT & Westchester, NY

A Breast lift, also known as a mastopexy is designed to improve the position and shape of breasts that sag on the chest. It is the perfect solution for women who feel their breasts have begun to droop and lose volume following pregnancy, massive weight loss, age or gravity. Some women may have a full, firm and projecting breast, yet the nipple may be a bit low or the breast itself needs reshaping. Whether improving the location of the nipple or reshaping the breast so that it is more defined and slender, Dr. Margoles is well known as one of the region’s leading experts in breast lift surgery. As a female surgeon, she understands the desire to have youthful-looking breasts. Her refined surgical techniques allow her to deliver transformative results that her patients love.

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Breast Lift Surgery Can Treat:

  • Aging breasts and/or elongated breasts
  • Drooping or sagging breast
  • Restore volume
  • Stretched, enlarged or misplaced nipples

Are You A Candidate For Breast Lift Surgery?

The best candidates for breast lift surgery are women who have: aging, drooping, elongated, or sagging breasts; stretched, enlarged or misplaced nipples, and those who wish to restore volume to their breasts. Optimal candidates typically have drooping, sagging or tubular-shaped breasts that sit low on the chest. Ideally, you should wait until you are finished having children and breastfeeding to have surgery. A future pregnancy/breastfeeding could affect the results of surgery.

Initial Breast Lift Consultation

During your initial consultation Dr. Margoles will discuss your desires and needs to determine whether or not breast lift alone will satisfy your expectations. A combination of breast procedures may better meet the needs of women who want larger, more uplifted breasts. In that case a combination of breast augmentation and breast lift may be recommended. For those who would prefer smaller breasts, breast lift combined with breast reduction would achieve your desired outcome. Once this has been determined Dr. Margoles will discuss your procedure or procedures with you in detail, including cost, recovery time, follow up appointments, and medications. She will also be happy to show you before and after pictures to give you a better idea of what to expect from your procedure. Dr. Margoles and her Greenwich staff are always available to answer any questions you may have.

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Dr. Sandra Margoles

Dr. Sandra Margoles is a board-certified female plastic surgeon operating a private practice in Greenwich, CT. Dr. Margoles’s specialties include breast augmentationbreast reductionliposuctionfaceliftseyelid surgery, and more. Having trained extensively at some of the world’s most esteemed institutions, including Harvard Medical School and Mt. Sinai Medical Center, Dr. Margoles is well-equipped to provide her patients with outstanding plastic surgery results. Above all, Dr. Margoles values her patients’ safety, well-being, and happiness. Learn more about Dr. Margoles’s philosophy, training, and qualifications here.

Breast Lift Surgery Details

Patients will receive an antibiotic drip during the procedure. Breast lift surgery takes approximately 90 – 120 minutes and is performed as an outpatient procedure using general anesthesia to keep you comfortable. You will be in the recovery room for 1 hour following surgery, after which you will be sent home. All patients must have a responsible adult with them to return home. It is also strongly advised that a responsible adult stay the night with you.

Incisions for your breast lift occur in one of three areas: around the areola; around the areola and vertically down to the breast crease; or around the areola, vertically down and horizontally along the breast crease. Based on the size of your breasts and the degree of correction necessary, Dr. Margoles will select one of the following appropriate incision patterns.

  • Doughnut-shaped (around the areola)
  • Lollipop-shaped (around the areola and vertically down to the breast crease)
  • Anchor-shaped (around the areola, vertically down and horizontally along the breast crease)

Through the incisions, Dr. Margoles will lift the underlying breast tissue layers and reshape the breast mound higher on the chest. She will relocate the nipple-areola complex on the breast and reshape it, if needed. Excess breast skin will be removed and the remaining skin around the newly positioned breast will be tightened. The incisions will be closed with sutures layered deep within the breast tissue to help support the breast.

Breast Lift Surgery Aftercare & Recovery

While the results of your breast lift surgery are immediate, you will experience some post-surgical swelling, bruising and soreness. Wearing an elastic bandage or support bra will reduce swelling and help the breasts. You should also expect a temporary loss of feeling in your nipples and surrounding skin that should improve following your surgery. Results of the surgery will continue to improve as your healing continues.

During your initial recovery, you must avoid bending, heavy lifting, and strenuous activity, including exercise. Dr. Margoles will give you instructions for caring for your incisions, wearing your support garment, and scheduling your follow up visits. Your first follow up will be scheduled 5-7 days post-surgery.

Slowly, you can return to work, exercise and the rest of your normal routine.

You will receive detailed post-surgery care instructions and Dr. Margoles and her staff will be available to answer any questions or concerns. It is important to follow Dr. Margoles instructions carefully to ensure the best results and easiest recovery.

Once you have completely healed from surgery, your breasts will look fuller and more youthful.

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With Dr. Margoles' rigorous training, personable demeanor, aesthetic eye, and dedication to his patients, she is among the top board-certified plastic surgeons in Connecticut.

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Breast Lift FAQ

Increasing the size is not a primary goal of breast lift, although women can choose to have breast implants placed in conjunction with a lift procedure. Because breast lift elevates the breasts on the chest, and reverses sagging, it can create the appearance of larger volume. In addition, by improving symmetry and restoring a “perky” look by returning low or downward-pointing nipples to a natural appearance, breast lift creates a youthful profile that is more dramatic in its projection, shape and proportion.

Pregnancy and nursing are two of the factors that cause the breasts to sag, and so it is a good idea to wait until you are reasonably sure you won’t have more children before having breast lift.

You’ve turned back the clock with your breast lift, but you haven’t stopped the aging process entirely. You can be confident, however, that your breasts will look perky and youthful for a long time, in the absence of a new pregnancy or dramatic changes in weight. The smaller your breasts, the more likely that you will retain your new profile. If in the future you find that your breasts have begun to sag, there is no risk to repeating the procedure.

The cost of a breast lift depends upon various factors, such as the techniques used to elevate your breasts. If you are adding implants to your breast lift, the overall cost may increase further. After your consultation with Dr. Margoles, she’ll give you a personalized quote based on your desired results. She’ll also explain financing options that can make your surgery more affordable.

With all surgeries, every patient’s recovery period varies. To avoid complications, Dr. Margoles recommends taking light walks as soon as you feel up to it, waiting to resume your usual exercise routine until she clears you to. 

Dr. Margoles provides personalized advice during your follow-up visits, examining your incisions and evaluating your progress to determine how soon you can return to your active lifestyle.

You may feel light to moderate discomfort in early recovery, which you can alleviate by taking prescription medications. Dr. Margoles will offer the care you need to recover as quickly and comfortably as possible.

Breast lift involves an incision and the removal of skin, so some scarring is inevitable. Experienced  Greenwich, Connecticut plastic surgeon Dr. Sandra Margoles always uses the least invasive techniques, resulting in the shortest scars. For most breast lift procedures, there will be a scar around each areola and a vertical scar that reaches under the breast. Dr. Margoles will discuss with you steps you can take during the recovery process to ensure that that your incisions heal quickly and cleanly, minimizing the appearance of scars.

Your breasts will appear bruised and will be swollen for up to four months. During your recovery you can expect the usual discomforts of surgical recovery, including pain and sometimes localized numbness. Your doctor will prescribe medication to relieve pain, and provide guidance on ways to limit your physical activity.

Although you will need to avoid most physical stress, walking is recommended as a practical way to reduce your risk of developing a blood clot. Walking and drinking plenty of fluids can also help reduce swelling of the breasts. And, when done with a friend, family member or furry companion, walking is always a great way to lift your spirits.

Yes, it can. Breast lift is often a key part of mommy makeover, a group of procedures that may also include:

This suite of surgeries targets the changes the body often undergoes as a result of one or more pregnancies and breastfeeding. The goal is to restore a youthful, firmer profile — while fortifying self-confidence.

Your first follow-up appointment is typically five to seven days after your breast lift. After determining your body’s initial response to the surgery, Dr. Margoles will give you a detailed schedule of future checkups.

To alleviate bruising and swelling, you’ll wear a support garment during your breast lift recovery. The compression from this garment prevents significant swelling and bruising. Dr. Margoles and her friendly team will fit you with the support garment and provide instructions to follow while you heal.

Dr. Margoles either performs your surgery at our in-house surgical facility or at one of two state-of-the-art hospitals in Greenwich, CT. Each of these surgical facilities has modern equipment, a comfortable structure, and a sterile environment, ensuring you remain safe and stable during the surgery and minimizing potential complications.