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Aging into a wiser and more self-assured version of yourself is a beautiful experience. But it also brings about certain unwanted changes in your looks. Among these natural effects of aging, skin laxity plays a significant role in affecting your appearance. Besides sagging skin, it also leads to fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of volume that obscure the youthful glow across your face and neck. With a thread lift in NYC you can address these concerns to achieve uplifted skin and younger-looking features without surgery.

As a board-certified plastic surgeon with specialization in facial procedures, Dr. Sandra Margoles has the experience, skill, and expertise to offer visible improvements through thread lift. If you are concerned about loose skin and desire a non-surgical solution, Dr. Margoles can help you achieve a more youthful appearance through this minimally invasive procedure.

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Dr. Margoles is a skilled and talented plastic surgeon. A calm demeanor, nurturing down to earth personality, and warmth, soothe one's initial concerns.

What Is a Thread Lift?

Thread lift is a non-surgical procedure that resolves the look of loose skin by lifting it with specialized internal sutures. In addition to visibly uplifting sagging skin and smoothing its appearance, the absorbable sutures also stimulate your skin’s natural healing response. This boosts the production of natural skin tightening agents like collagen and continues to visibly firm up the skin weeks after the procedure. The natural boost of collagen also reshapes and restructures the features of your face and neck, while helping to restore lost volume in the treatment areas. You can benefit from uplifted, smoother, and more youthful-looking skin without intensive surgery.

The sutures in a thread lift are inserted and applied through a specialized cannula, which involves no removal of skin from the treatment areas. Thread lift an ideal alternative to surgical methods like facelift, neck lift, and brow lift that smooth loose skin and restore lost volume. If you prefer a non-surgical option or cannot undergo surgery due to medical reasons, a thread lift can help you obtain a younger-looking appearance without surgical intervention.


Due to the use of minimally invasive techniques, your treatment area is not covered with bandages after the procedure. Most patients can see visible improvements in their features almost right away, while noticing more enhanced results in the following weeks. There is minimal to no downtime after the procedure, which means that you can typically resume most of your activities right after your treatment.

What Are the Benefits of Thread Lift in NYC?

Getting a thread lift in Greenwich and NY provides you with a variety of advantages.

  • Resolving the appearance of sagging skin by visibly uplifting it
  • Smoothing skin’s texture with natural processes
  • Resolving the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Resolving volume loss by restructuring the skin and boosting collagen production
  • Delivering continuous improvements after the procedure
  • Reshaping features to deliver a more youthful look
  • Delivering long-lasting results that may last for up to 2 years

As a minimally invasive procedure, a thread lift also delivers the following additional benefits.


  • No surgical skin removal
  • Short treatment time
  • Minimal to no downtime following the procedure
  • Reduced recovery time


To help you understand how thread lift benefits can help you achieve your aesthetic goals, Dr. Margoles holds a personalized consultation with you before your treatment. During your consultation, you can determine how a thread lift can lead you to your desired results without surgical procedures.


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How Does a Thread Lift Work?

Thread lift works through minimally invasive muscle restructuring techniques. The treatment involves the use of fine polymer threads, small needles, and a specialized device (cannula). While the specialized cannula safely delivers the fine polymers under your skin to uplift internal muscles, small needles ensure that there are no incisions required for the procedure. When a qualified provider sutures your internal tissue with the fine polymers, the procedure visibly uplifts your loose skin, smooths its texture, and redefines your features.

The polymer threads used in a thread lift are safe for the body and absorb into internal tissues overtime. They are not removed following the procedure. Besides restructuring the shape of treatment areas, these sutures also encourage the body’s natural collagen production to further tighten the skin and boost volume, continually delivering effective results for weeks after treatment.

Apart from being minimally invasive, a thread lift also does not require the use of general anesthesia and uses local anesthesia instead. You will be awake during the procedure and will be able to drive yourself home following treatment. The outpatient procedure typically only takes 60 to 90 minutes, allowing you to resume your daily tasks quickly.

You can also get a thread lift for multiple areas of concern, including:

  • Eyebrow (fox eye effect)
  • Midface
  • Lip
  • Neck
  • Chin

Due to the use of its targeted but effective techniques as well as its quick treatment time, a thread lift in Greenwich, CT can be an ideal option to resolve the look of sagging skin as well as associated fine lines, wrinkles, and volume loss. Through a consultation with Dr. Margoles, you can determine if the procedure is a suitable solution for your needs.

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With Dr. Margoles' rigorous training, personable demeanor, aesthetic eye, and dedication to his patients, she is among the top board-certified plastic surgeons in Conneticut.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Thread Lift?

You might be a good candidate for thread lift if:

  • You have sagging skin over your face and neck
  • You have fine lines and wrinkles over your face and neck
  • You have experienced volume loss over your face and neck
  • You require or want a non-surgical alternative to facelift and neck lift
  • You are in overall good health
  • You have realistic expectations from the procedure

Through your personalized thread lift consultation in Westchester, NY, Dr. Margoles aims to understand your goals, assess your needs, and determine if the procedure is suitable for your health and objectives. You can be assured that your thread lift will be performed with the guidance of a qualified provider.

What Happens During a Thread Lift?

On the day of your thread lift in Greenwich, CT, you will arrive at our state-of-the-art facility. Our staff will help you settle into our modern treatment area, designed to keep patient comfort and strict medical safety standards in mind. The procedure begins with skin preparation—our staff will cleanse your skin and apply a local anesthetic to the treatment areas. Afterwards, Dr. Margoles will make strategic markings to ensure that the procedure delivers ideal enhancements to your facial and neck muscles. By using the specialized thread lift cannula, Dr. Margoles will carefully inject the surgical polymers under your skin in order to uplift the required muscles. With extensive experience in facial reconstruction procedures, Dr. Margoles ensures that the sutures are effectively applied to optimize results. The procedure typically takes 60 to 90 minutes to perform, and you can go home shortly afterwards. As local anesthesia in your neck and facial muscles does not affect consciousness or mobility, you are allowed to drive yourself home. Before leaving the facility, Dr. Margoles and our team will provide you with a detailed list of aftercare instructions to follow for an optimal recovery.

What Does Recovery After Thread Lift Look Like?

When performed by a qualified provider, thread lift results in a straightforward recovery process with little to no downtime. Many patients can return to work and resume most of their activities right after the procedure. But you may also want to take a day to rest after the procedure.


The use of local anesthesia ensures you will not feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure. But after the anesthetics wear off, you might experience soreness around the treatment area. You may manage it with the use of over-the-counter medications. But if you need more assistance with pain management, Dr. Margoles may prescribe other pain medications.


For the first few days after your thread lift, you may also notice redness and swelling around the treatment area. These side effects are typically minimal and resolve on their own in a few days. You may typically apply makeup 1 day after the procedure.


Over the next few weeks, you will continue to see further improvements around the treatment area as a result of enhanced collagen production. Your results may last for 9 months to 2 years, with the duration depending upon factors like your body’s natural healing response.


To ensure you have a comfortable recovery after your thread lift in Westchester, NY, Dr. Margoles and our team will provide you with a detailed list of post-procedure instructions. Following best practices promotes optimal healing, prevents complications, and helps you get the most out of your procedure.


Your Thread Lift Appointment in NYC

Getting a thread lift in Greenwich, CT and Westchester, NY can provide you with dramatic improvements for sagging skin and help you attain a more youthful appearance without surgery. To ensure you achieve ideal results from your thread lift, you need the expertise of a qualified provider who specializes in facial reconstruction procedures. As an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon with expertise in facial reconstruction, Dr. Margoles possesses the skill and knowledge to ideally restructure your facial and neck muscles with a thread lift. This not only ensures that you can get significant improvements from the procedure but also minimizes the risk of complications and subpar outcomes after the treatment. To see how thread lift can resolve your skin laxity without surgery, schedule your appointment with Dr. Margoles today. We want to help you achieve your aesthetic goals while prioritizing your safety and comfort. Complete our contact form or call us at (203) 869-2939 to book your consultation.

NYC Thread Lift FAQs

The cost of your thread lift depends upon the areas of concern that you want to treat. After a detailed consultation, Dr. Margoles will provide you with a detailed breakdown of your thread lift costs.

Thread lifts results typically last between 9 months to 2 years. The duration depends upon factors like individual responses to the treatment, natural skin laxity, and the body’s natural healing processes.

Thread lifts uplift your skin and muscles with the use of specialized sutures that are applied without major incisions or skin removal. This minimizes recovery time but still delivers noticeable enhancements by reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. In contrast, a facelift also achieves the same goals but involves more extensive surgical techniques that physically remove loose skin. This results in an extended recovery time but remains ideal for those with significantly sagging skin and volume loss. After a personalized consultation, Dr. Margoles will recommend the appropriate procedure to provide you with your desired enhancements.

You need minimal to no downtime after a thread lift. Most patients can resume most activities following their procedure; however, others may need a day to rest. Side effects, including soreness, redness, and swelling, may last for a few days before resolving on their own. Dr. Margoles and our team provide you with a list of aftercare instructions to help you recover from your procedure.