Lymphatic Massage

What Is Lymphatic Massage in Greenwich, CT and NY?

Also known as lymphatic drainage massage, lymphatic massage involves non-invasive techniques that resolve swelling stemming from lymph buildup, which can hamper your recovery from plastic surgery.

After plastic surgery, your body will generate new tissue to heal, resulting in swelling. While this response is natural and normal, excess swelling can cause the tissue to tighten and thicken, slowing your healing process.

Lymphatic drainage massage uses targeted techniques to redirect lymph to nearby lymph nodes. It can relieve swelling after surgery and the additional risks associated with it. Surgery like liposuction or a tummy tuck can disrupt the lymphatic system’s natural pathways, leading to fluid buildup. Lymphatic massages reduce excess fluid in your body and break up areas of swelling.

Reducing inflammation will help you bounce back more quickly from your chosen procedure, and can also help prevent the formation of excess scar tissue. When combined with compression garments, lymphatic drainage massage is an essential part of a quicker, smoother recovery.

What Does Your Lymphatic System Do?

Lymph is a clear fluid that helps filter proteins, waste, and metabolizes cells. As part of your natural healing process, your lymph nodes remove waste and circulate clean lymph fluid through the body. Lymph nodes contain white blood cells called lymphocytes, which fight disease and infections.

An essential part of your immune system, your lymphatic system ensures any fluids that leak from your blood vessels can return to your bloodstream. However, when your lymphatic system stops working correctly, it can cause swelling across different parts of your body.

The Benefits of Lymphatic Massage

When your lymphatic system is not working correctly, it can cause swelling across different parts of your body, especially your arms and legs. This condition is lymphedema, which can also lead to discomfort, pain, and infections and wounds in the affected area.

Things like illness, healing from surgery, and emotional stress can all affect the lymphatic system. Lymphatic drainage massage supports your health by relieving anxiety, reducing swelling and fluid retention, and improving your quality of life.

With the expertise of Dr. Sandra Margoles and her team, you can get your lymphatic massage in NY, and Greenwich, CT, from a trained massage therapist.

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What to Expect During Lymphatic Drainage Massage

After you have plastic surgery, you want to heal as quickly as possible and see the results of your procedure more quickly. While it’s crucial to get plenty of rest, prioritize self-care, and follow your post-operative instructions, lymphatic drainage massage can accelerate your recovery period.

The techniques involved in this practice do not involve any incisions or surgical intervention. Instead, our massage therapist gently manipulates the affected area.

Your appointment’s duration will depend on your area of concern and the amount of lymph buildup you’re dealing with. Your massage therapist can manually pull and stretch your body to break up areas of swelling and reduce excess fluid.

Your lymphatic massage will consist of two steps.

1. Clearing

This process focuses on releasing excess lymph into the surrounding tissues. Your massage therapist achieves this goal by applying targeted pressure across the affected area.

2. Reabsorption

This practice aims to push your excess lymph toward the nearest lymph nodes, causing it to undergo the filtration process it needs to support your immune system. From there, lymph gets reabsorbed into your bloodstream and results in less swelling.

Your Lymphatic Massage Appointment in Greenwich, CT, and NY

Experienced surgeons such as Dr. Margoles highly recommend lymphatic drainage after plastic surgery to improve your comfort, accelerate healing, and help you get the best results from your chosen procedure.

To explore your options for your lymphatic massage in NY, and Greenwich, CT, schedule your appointment with Dr. Margoles and her team. You can fill out our contact form or call us at (203) 869-2939 to book your consultation.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered some of our patients’ commonly asked questions about lymphatic drainage massage below.

Lymphatic drainage massage is not painful, but manipulating the lymph may cause some initial discomfort. However, reducing lymph from the affected area alleviates pain and leaves you feeling calmer and more relaxed.

After a lymphatic massage, you can expect significantly reduced swelling. A series of sessions may be necessary for maximal therapeutic benefits.

As part of your recovery process from cosmetic surgery, Dr. Margoles recommends lymphatic massage. During your consultation, do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have about this healing technique.