Five Truths about Mommy Makeover

Five Truths about Mommy Makeover

Motherhood is full of changes, not only to your lifestyle and family but also to your body. Saggy breasts, a protruding abdomen and loose skin are very normal after having a baby. If you struggle with these aesthetic concerns, you may be interested in a mommy makeover, a combination of surgical procedures intended to restore your pre-pregnancy figure. Mommy makeover is a safe and effective way to address the areas of your body that you are unhappy with.

Dr. Margoles believes in educating her patients as much as possible about the truths of mommy makeover and what it can accomplish. She does not shy away from the realities of surgery. That’s why she sits down with each of her Fairfield County mommy makeover patients to make very clear what the process entails, and what they can expect.

Here are five truths about mommy makeover that you may not be aware of.

No two mommy makeovers are alike.

Mommy makeover is not a cookie-cutter procedure. Every woman has different needs and desired cosmetic outcomes. Your mommy makeover will be customized to your particular needs (e.g., smaller or bigger breasts, tighter tummy, smaller “love handles”).

You will need help during your recovery.

You may normally operate in “Supermom” mode, but the days immediately following your procedure will be different. You will need to rest as soon as possible and avoid strenuous activities — including cooking and cleaning — until Dr. Margoles clears you. You won’t be able to lift your children, either. Enlist your spouse, a loved one or a caretaker to help with childcare and household tasks. Don’t worry; you’ll be back to your normal routine soon.

You should postpone surgery until the timing is right.

Another pregnancy can reverse the effects of mommy makeover, so it’s best to wait until you do not plan to have any more children. It’s also a good idea to wait until you’ve lost your “baby weight” and returned to your ideal baseline.

Your kids will have questions.

Since you will need a little extra help during your recovery, your kids will probably be curious and ask you lots of questions about what happened. They may even be worried if they see bandages, drains or other dressings. How and when you talk to them about your surgery is a personal decision that only you can make. But this can be a great opportunity, depending on their age and gender, to discuss plastic surgery in general; including how pregnancy changes a woman’s body.

You deserve it.

Your body has carried a baby for nine months. It has stretched to accommodate, nurture and nurse your child. It is very common for mothers to want to restore their pre-baby bodies. Diet and exercise will not tighten loose skin or repair separated abdominal muscles — only surgery can do that. Treat yourself.

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