What’s the Difference Between Different Dermal Fillers?

As one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, dermal fillers in Greenwich, CT are used by men and women alike to resolve a variety of aesthetic concerns. But if you are getting these injectables for the very first time, it is important to know some key points about how they work in the first place.

For first time users, the learning curve starts by understanding different dermal filler types that could fulfill their specific needs. If you have not received dermal fillers before, the following guide can explain the difference between dermal fillers, allowing you to determine what kind of filler is the right fit for you.

What Are the Different Types of Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are administered in the form of injectables. These injectable compositions are made from a variety of ingredients that are mostly comprised of naturally occurring substances in the body. This ensures that you are getting the look of your dreams without harmful side-effects ruining your experience.

If you find yourself asking which dermal filler is right for me, you need to understand the different types of fillers first, including the following options offered by Dr. Sandra Margoles.


This filler is made from a combination of hyaluronic acid and lidocaine. It can work wonders around your cheeks, mouth, and lips.


This filler is a lighter composition of hyaluronic acid that works best in sensitive areas of your face such as under the eyes and mouth.


When looking for special dermal filler types, this option stands out due to its ability to induce collagen production. This continues to provide remarkable results with your body’s natural healing processes. This filler can be used across your cheeks, mouth, as well as the back of your hands.


If you are concerned about the difference between dermal fillers, this option can be your safest bet due to its use of natural hyaluronic acid and reduced risk of allergic reactions.


This composition is known for its efficacy against dynamic wrinkles—the facial lines that appear due to constant movements. They are popular for resolving signs of aging around the mouth and nose.

Which Dermal Filler Is Right for Me?

While you go through your choices of dermal fillers, you can be rest assured that they can help you with a variety of concerns.

Dermal fillers are effective at addressing aesthetic issues by:

  • Resolving the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Augmenting facial features, such as plumping up the lips
  • Restructuring facial features, such as enhancing the chin profile
  • Correcting loss of volume in the face and the back of the hands

By speaking to a qualified expert, you can choose between different dermal filler types with ease. This helps you receive injectables that are the ideal fit for your needs.

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