Making Decisions about Breast Implants: Part 2

Making Decisions about Breast Implants: Part 2

In Part One of “Making Decisions about Breast Augmentation,” we discussed the differences between types of implants — specifically, the filler material, size, shape and texture. Dr. Margoles will help you decide what type of implant suits your personal needs and goals. She will also help you decide how and where your implants will be placed (including where the pockets for the implants and the surgical incisions are made).

Let’s review the different implant pocket locations and surgical incision placement locations that you and Dr. Margoles will discuss prior to your breast augmentation surgery.

Implant Pocket Location

Dr. Margoles will create pockets for your implants in one of two locations:

  • Subpectoral/submuscular – underneath the pectoralis major (chest) muscle
  • Subglandular – in front of the pectoralis major muscle

The implant pocket location varies depending on the patient’s needs. Each patient has different physical characteristics; subpectoral pocket placement is a good idea for some, while subglandular pocket placement a good idea for others. There are advantages and drawbacks of each approach, but both produce reliably good outcomes.

When recommending either subpectoral or subglandular placement, Dr. Margoles will evaluate the thickness of your breast tissue and how well she can conceal the edges of the implants underneath your tissue without the appearance of the implant “rippling” through the skin. She will also take into account the size of the breast implants, the quality of your breast skin and your ideal cosmetic outcome.

Women with thick layers of breast skin, fat and glandular tissue may be good candidates for subglandular placement, whereas it is more beneficial for women with thin breast tissue to have their implants placed underneath the muscle (which provides additional padding).

Placing the implant in front of the muscle is a simpler procedure and yields a quicker recovery than placing it behind the muscle. Manipulating the chest muscle makes the surgery a little more complex, but still a completely safe procedure.

Subglandular placement is preferable for many athletic women who want to prevent their flexing muscles from interfering with the appearance of the implant or how it “settles” into its pocket.

Incision Pattern

Breast implants are placed through one of several incision patterns:

  • Underneath the breast, above the crease
  • Around the lower edge of the areola
  • Within the armpit

As with the pocket location, Dr. Margoles takes several factors into consideration, including the size and type of the breast implant and your physical characteristics. Since saline implants are filled after the shell has been inserted into the breast, they require a smaller incision than pre-filled silicone implants.

Dr. Margoles makes every effort to conceal the incisions inconspicuously to reduce potential scarring. Also, the incision lines fade gradually over time, eventually becoming barely visible.

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