Avoiding a “Pulled” or “Windswept” Facelift

Facelift in New York City & Greenwich, CTThe ideal facelift will typically elicit a range of superlatives from friends, family and admirers — everything from magnificent to amazing. Disappointing facelifts generate their own array of adjectives: frozen, pulled, windswept. The difference between ending up with an “open cockpit” look, or a graceful result that keeps everyone guessing, usually comes down to one essential variable: the skill and artistry of your surgeon.

Natural Proportions

As a trusted plastic surgeon practicing in New York City and Connecticut, Dr. Sandra Margoles understands the benefits and limits of facelift, and will work closely with you to match expectations with results. In many cases this means suggesting less-invasive techniques, such as fat transfer or “mini facelift.” Laser resurfacing can smooth and tighten the skin as well, and injectables are often a practical way to fill lines, wrinkles and hollows while stimulating the production of collagen, the natural protein that adds strength and flexibility to the skin.

When a patient chooses facelift, Dr. Margoles applies her experience, judgment and exceptional artistic talent to achieve the optimal result. The vital first step is to consider the patient’s entire facial profile. Each area of the face contributes to an individual’s distinctive look. Facial cosmetic surgery involves a complex geometry of lines, curves and angles. They comprise the character of your face, the essence of your physical identity. An elegantly drawn jawline, a perfect symmetry of eyes, nose and chin, requires extraordinary artistry and precision.

Beyond Skin-Deep Beauty

From the perspective of surgical skill, this means looking beyond the surface layer and paying close attention to the underlying muscles and ligaments that animate your expression. Stretching the skin without adjusting these subdermal structures may result in a frozen, artificial appearance. Conversely, removing excess fat and tissue below the surface can result in a skeletal look that will add years to the complexion. Pulling facial features out of alignment, such as raising the brow, pulling back ears or improperly placing incisions, is also a prime cause of unnatural-looking facelifts.

A surgeon’s depth of experience and talents are essential, but so too is a record of proven results. That is why Dr. Margoles is eager to share her album of facelift case studies, featuring before-and-after pictures from hundreds of surgeries. Viewing this type of real-life photo gallery is an important step in the research process for any prospective patient, helping you to make informed choices that will lead to a magnificently natural result.

To learn more about facelift, please schedule a consultation with experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Sandra Margoles today. Call (203) 869-2939 for an appointment in Greenwich, Connecticut, or call (646) 734-1854 to schedule an appointment at her Upper East Side New York City office.

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