After Plastic Surgery: When Can I Begin Exercise?

After Plastic Surgery: When Can I Begin Exercise?

Exercising after plastic surgery is undoubtedly one of the most discussed topics in Dr. Sandra Margoles’ Greenwich plastic surgery office. Naturally, many patients are eager to return to their normal lives after plastic surgery, including exercising. Others are motivated to maintain their results by becoming more active and following a fitness regimen.

In this blog post, Greenwich plastic surgeon Dr. Sandra Margoles shares some important guidelines on exercising after plastic surgery.

Exercising after Body Contouring and Breast Enhancement

Patients should get plenty of bed rest during the first two weeks of recovery, and vigorous exercise like running and weight lifting should be avoided for the first six weeks of surgery. Patients should take short walks as soon as they feel able to do so, as it promotes good blood circulation and better healing, and prevents blood clots from forming. Dr. Margoles recommends gradually adding time and length to walks to build endurance.

At the four-week mark, patients can resume some light exercise and cardio. Breast enhancement, tummy tuck, liposuction and arm lift patients should avoid upper body exercises like pushups that can cause the incision site to open. Most patients are able to resume high-impact cardio after six weeks.

Exercising after Facial Rejuvenation

As with body and breast procedures, facial rejuvenation procedures (e.g., facelift, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty) require downtime. Patients are advised to avoid any activity that will raise their heart rate and/or blood pressure for at least four weeks after surgery. Facial rejuvenation procedures involve operating underneath the skin of the face, eyes, nose and brows — areas where hundreds of blood vessels are located and can easily bleed when blood pressure increases after surgery. This, in turn, can lead to serious complications and unfavorable scarring.

Short walks are recommended during the first two weeks of recovery. Afterward patients can perform some light exercise and cardio (e.g., stationary cycling). Most patients are given the green light to resume all exercise by the six-week mark.

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Keep in mind that these are general guidelines. Dr. Margoles will modify your recovery timeline and advise you when it is safe to resume your exercise regimen. To learn more about recovering from plastic surgery, or the treatment options Dr. Margoles offers, schedule a consultation. Contact her Greenwich plastic surgery practice by calling (203) 869-2939 today.

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