3 Facial Treatments for Relaxation & Rejuvenation

There are many facial procedures to consider having to restore your appearance. If you struggle with self-esteem due to perceived flaws on your face, you may find that specific procedures specifically target the areas you are concerned with. At Sandra Margoles MD Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, you can choose from surgical and non-invasive procedures that address the face.

If you are local to Greenwich, Connecticut or Westchester, New York, you have the option of working with expert cosmetic plastic surgeons who can meet your needs and expectations for your procedure.

Depending on your goals for your facial procedure, recommendations for facial treatments may vary. To learn more about which facial treatments may be best for you, reach out our team to schedule your consultation. At Sandra Margoles MD Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, you can count on a detailed consultation that reviews your needs and goals. Dr. Margoles will develop a comprehensive treatment plan so that you know your expectations are prioritized throughout the process.

In the interim, here are some possible facial treatments that you can pursue with Sandra Margoles MD Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Consider the options for facial treatment below as you plan to discuss your needs during your consultation.

Non-Invasive Facelift Procedure

You can achieve an optimal facelift that contours the face to your standards using various injectables. Many combinations of injectables can be used for non-surgical facelifts, including but not limited to Botox and dermal fillers. By combining different products, patients can receive results that achieve total facial rejuvenation. The products used for your non-surgical facelift depend on your treatment goals and any facial characteristics or circumstances that influence injectable options. Juvéderm and Restylane are some of the other common injectables used for non-surgical facelifts.

RF Microneedling Procedure

A minimally invasive option for facial rejuvenation is RF microneedling. This option is often paired with other non-surgical treatments, such as a non-surgical facelift, to enhance results. RF microneedling stimulates collagen growth and helps revitalize tissues. Microneedling is delivered to the skin using microneedle tips that transfer radio frequency energy. Given that collagen loss exacerbates the visual effects of aging, microneedling treatment can help you restore a younger-looking appearance by encouraging collagen production and skin thickening.

Surgical Facelift Procedure

For a more in-depth procedure that targets tissue deep within the skin, traditional surgical facelifts are available. A surgical facelift, also called a rhytidectomy, can lift the skin and remove sagging areas with minimal scarring. Dr. Margoles can help restore the youthfulness of your face with surgical facelift procedures that provide lasting results for years to come.

Get The Results Your Deserve with Dr. Margoles

If you’re ready to pursue facial treatments with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Margoles, contact the team at (203) 869-2939 to schedule your consultation. Achieve the results you deserve with facial procedures from Sandra Margoles MD Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.