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Chemical peels are a time-tested and beloved treatment for improving the skin’s appearance. Dr. Sandra Margoles offers chemical peels in Greenwich, CT, to male and female patients who want to revitalize their skin. Reveal radiant skin and treat skin conditions with a chemical peel by Dr. Margoles. 

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What Is a Chemical Peel?

Chemical peels use specialized chemical solutions to gently remove dead skin cells. Skin grows in layers, with the oldest skin cells comprising the outermost layers. Chemical peels remove the old, tired, damaged skin cells to reveal the underlying layers of healthier, radiant skin. Chemical peels can minimize many skin concerns and improve skin’s overall tone and texture. From aging to acne, chemical peels help Dr. Margoles’ patients address various concerns and feel more confident in their appearance. 

Chemical peels come in a range of strengths and formulations. As an Ivy League-educated plastic surgeon, Dr. Margoles has carefully selected and vetted peels that are safe for most skin types and concerns. She helps each patient create a customized treatment plan that addresses skin concerns while fitting their lifestyle and budget.

The Benefits of a Chemical Peel

Whether you’re seeking to prepare your skin for a big event or want to improve your appearance over time, chemical peels are a viable solution. Chemical peels can address many skin concerns, including:

  • Acne
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Pre-cancerous skin growths
  • Wrinkling
  • Facial scars
  • Aging
  • Sun damage

Our patients love that chemical peels are non-surgical. They are an excellent solo treatment, and pair well with facial surgeries like a facelift or brow lift. Chemical peels help Dr. Margoles’ patients restore or maintain youthful radiance throughout the aging process.

What to Expect From a Chemical Peel Treatment With Dr. Margoles

Chemical peels come in many strengths and formulations. Dr. Margoles will work with you to choose an appropriate peel option. Your skin type, age, and skin concerns are factors Dr. Margoles considers when choosing peel options for each patient. Typical peel solutions contain phenol, trichloroacetic acid, alpha hydroxyl acids, or a blended combination of acids. 

We typically perform chemical peels in one of our treatment rooms. Deep peels may require additional sedation and monitoring, and sometimes take place in an operating room for additional safety. Dr. Margoles follows the latest recommendations for chemical peels to ensure a comfortable treatment for each patient. 

Before applying a chemical peel solution, your provider will cleanse your skin to remove dirt, oils, and makeup. As the solution loosens skin cells, you may feel stinging or itching. The chemical peel remains on the skin for a set amount of time before the provider deactivates it and removes it from your skin. Applying serums and moisturizing solutions after the peel will help accelerate the healing process and nourish the skin. 

Dr. Margoles pairs most chemical peels with dermaplaning, a process that removes dead skin cells and peach fuzz using a special, razor-like tool.

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Dr. Sandra Margoles is a board-certified female plastic surgeon operating a private practice in Greenwich, CT. Dr. Margoles’s specialties include breast augmentation, breast reduction, liposuctionfacelift, eyelid surgery, and more. Having trained extensively at some of the world’s most esteemed institutions, including Harvard Medical School and Mt. Sinai Medical Center, Dr. Margoles is well-equipped to provide her patients with outstanding plastic surgery results. Above all, Dr. Margoles values her patients’ safety, well-being, and happiness. Learn more about Dr. Margoles’s philosophy, training, and qualifications here.

Recovery After a Chemical Peel

Patients return home on the day of their chemical peel. After most mild or moderate peels, there is no need for an extended recovery period. You may require a brief recovery period after a deep peel. 

Soon, the skin will begin the process of repairing itself. Dead skin cells may flake away to reveal a fresh layer of soft, new skin. Redness and peeling are common during the healing process after a peel. Depending on the strength of the treatment, other side effects like scabbing or swelling may occur. 

Dr. Margoles provides detailed recovery instructions. Some patients may need to apply a special ointment to the skin every day for the first three days. Sun protection is essential during the healing process. Dr. Margoles recommends avoiding skin products containing AHA, retinol, and vitamin C for five days before and after a chemical peel treatment.

Dermaplanning Services

90% of all our facials and chemical peel treatments include Dermaplanning which involves the use of a hand help instrument to carefully scrape off the superficial layers of skin as well as the fine peach fuzz and facial hair. Thorough removal of the dead skin cells aids in restoring a healthier look and feel to your overall complexion. Your skin will fell much smoother, will result in better hydration and penetration of homecare products as well as providing a deeper in office treatment. Pores, fine lines and wrinkles will be less noticeable.

Note: It is important not to use any Alphahydroxy acids, VIT C or Retinol, Retina-A home care products 5 days before and after a treatment. All product sales are final after 10 days. With some peels you might experience some additional mild flaking 2-4 days after an office treatment.

Learn More About Chemical Peels

Achieve your best skin with a chemical peel by Dr. Margoles. Learn more about chemical peels and other skincare procedures including dermabrasion, and schedule your consultation today by calling (203) 869-2939. Our Greenwich office is located minutes from I-95 and the Merritt Parkway making us easily accessible if you’re traveling from anywhere in Fairfield county, CT including Stamford, Darien, Rye, and Armonk.


Frequently Asked Questions About Chemical Peels in Greenwich, CT

The amount of time needed for a chemical peel can vary depending on the peel solution selected. Most treatments with Dr. Margoles require between 20 and 60 minutes.

Patients can often return to work immediately after a light or moderate peel treatment. Deep peels may 

require some downtime. Talk with Dr. Margoles about your needs, so she can choose a peel that fits with your lifestyle and aesthetic goals.

With many options for chemical peels, it is impossible to estimate treatment costs without a consultation. Patients receive detailed pricing information during their initial visit with Dr. Margoles.

Dr. Margoles’ patients receive an individualized treatment plan. In some cases, you will only need a single peel. Others may receive an initial series of peels spaced several weeks apart. We may recommend ongoing maintenance peels to extend results. Whatever your treatment plan, expect to see results after the first treatment with improvement to results as the skin heals and regenerates.

Chemical peels are a very safe treatment when performed by a skilled provider in a medical setting. Dr. Margoles offers her patients many options for facial rejuvenation. Chemical peels and non-surgical interventions are available as well as surgical procedures. From facelifts to Botox and chemical peels, Dr. Margoles offers comprehensive rejuvenation and trusted medical advice.