Facelift Surgery Benefits

With age comes wisdom. But along with wisdom we may also find that our skin begins to sag, adding additional years to our appearance. A facelift (rhytidectomy) can help to erase some of those years leaving you with a younger, more refreshed appearance while maintaining the integrity of your natural facial contours. Known for her natural aesthetic and careful consideration of her patient’s desires, Dr. Margoles’ patients never have that frozen or surprised look we’ve all come to identify with too much surgery. Instead you’ll have a natural, youthful, refreshed look. A facelift with Dr. Margoles will leave you with a youthful, beautifully enhanced look and little to no visible scarring. The results of a facelift can last for many years. To achieve the most desirable benefits some patients also chose to have a neck lift and/or eyelid surgery.

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The Best Candidates For Facelift Have:

  • Excess fat deposits
  • Hanging jowls
  • Excess skin

When you meet with Dr. Margoles for your consultation she will discuss your procedure in detail, including cost, recovery time, follow-up appointments, and medications. She will also be happy to show you before and after pictures to give you a better idea of what to expect from your procedure. Dr. Margoles and her staff are always available to answer any questions you may have.

I recently had cosmetic surgery with Dr. Sandra Margoles. I had several procedures done at the same time; including, upper and lower eyelids (blepharoplasty), eyebrow lift, neck liposuction and a neck lift. My results were amazing! If you are looking for a doctor who is attentive, calm, caring and highly skilled, look no further than Dr. Margoles. I highly recommend her!

Facelift Surgery Details

Patients who smoke will have to stop for up to 2 weeks.
Your facelift surgery will last for 2-3 hours. You will receive local anesthesia combined with sedatives or general anesthesia. You will be in the recovery room for 1 hour following surgery, after which you will be sent home. All patients must have a responsible adult with them to return home. It is also strongly advised that a responsible adult stay the night with you.

Following your procedure a compression dressing will be applied and then removed within 24 hours.

What to Expect for your Facelift/Neck Lift

2-3 hours
IV Sedation
Potential Risks
bleeding, infection, rare cases of nerve injury
back to work 3 days, strenuous activity 2-3 weeks
Side Effects
swelling, bruising, minimal – moderate discomfort
Final Results
6-8 weeks
Duration of Results
8-10 years
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Facelift Aftercare & Recovery

You will receive detailed post-surgery care instructions and Dr. Margoles and her staff will be available to answer any questions or concerns. It is important to follow Dr. Margoles’ instructions carefully to ensure the best results and easiest recovery.

Recovery times vary. Most patients are up and about within two days and look and feel much better within the first three weeks. Many return to work within 10 days. Any initial scarring can be covered with concealer. Scarring will fade and flatten as you heal.

Facelift/Neck Lift Recovery Chart

May have a Fluffy outer dressing that may be removed in 24 hours. May shower in 24 hours. Some cases may wear a neck compression strap for 3-5 days.
1-2 weeks
limit exericse to walking. Sutures at the front of the ear are removed at weel 1 and remaining sutures or staples at week 2. Gently wash incision with soap and water and apply Vaseline or Bacitracin to incisions daily.
3-4 weeks
Other sutures begin to dissolve. Swelling and brusing have subsided.
1-2 months
Still some swelling, but start to get an idea what the final result is, but they can continue to settle for the next few months. Can begin to exercise
Final Result
In most cases, the final results are seen by 3 months, but may improve over a year.
Duration of Results
8-10 years

Dr. Margoles is a wonderful surgeon. After visiting a few surgeons that I was not happy with their bedside manner, a friend of a friend recommended Dr. Margoles. She did an amazing job. She is very patient, polite and kind. I look great and feel wonderful.

Facelift FAQ

How long will the results of facelift last?

In general, facelift performed by a skilled plastic surgeon will last about 10 years. The range of results is dependent upon the type of facelift you choose, the flexibility of your skin, and certain lifestyle factors, such as whether you smoke, are careful to avoid excessive exposure to the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays, eat healthfully, exercise and follow an optimal skin care routine.

Limited procedures such as the so-called “mini facelift” may last 2-4 years; and revisions may last up to 7 years. The typical facelift surgery should give you a decade of tight, beautifully proportioned skin.

Facelift turns back the clock, but cannot guarantee eternal youth. The good news is that after facelift the aging process resets at the new younger-looking baseline. In addition, the surgery has the effect of slightly improving the strength and resiliency of the skin, slowing the tempo of aging.

If I notice droopiness in a few years, will it be necessary to repeat the procedure?

When your facial skin needs a touch-up, there are many non-invasive options to consider. Laser resurfacing can smooth and tighten the skin, and injectables will fill lines, wrinkles and hollows on your face that make you look older. New varieties of dermal fillers not only add volume to targeted facial areas, but also trigger the production of collagen, the natural protein that adds strength and flexibility to the skin.

How can I avoid an artificial-looking result?

The first step in preventing a disappointing result is to choose a surgeon who will work to understand the needs of the patient, and never push someone into trying an unwanted or unnecessary procedure. In addition, a surgeon’s experience is extremely important in achieving a successful facelift. A surgeon who has done many facelifts on a wide variety of facial types is best prepared to meet your needs and expectations. A surgeon who keeps abreast of the latest techniques and medical best practices knows how important it is to pay attention to the muscles and ligaments under the skin, not simply stretch the surface. The so-called “windswept” or “open cockpit” look is often the result of a surgeon cutting and stretching only the surface layer, creating tension with deeper tissue. Similarly, removing fat below the surface during a facelift can result in a skeletal look that will actually make the patient seem older.

The ideal plastic surgeon will be a gifted artist as well. So much of the final result will depend on the surgeon’s eye for balance and beauty. That involves considering the patient’s entire facial profile. Each area of the face contributes to an individual’s distinctive look. Treating one area only, such as the jowls or neck, can upset the aesthetic balance of the face, making a person look unnatural and even unrecognizable. A surgeon with an intuitive aesthetic sense will never pull facial features out of alignment, such as raising the brow, pulling back ears or improperly placing incisions.

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