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“The “Girls” and I wanted to thank you for reclaiming our natural landscape and giving us our life back! You are the BEST! I can’t thank you enough! – T.C.

I am so happy I came to Dr. Margoles. I first did my tummy with the Smartlipo, and I was so happy I returned and did my back. I am so happy with the results after only one week. I was amazed at how great I looked (even without the support garment)! Dr. Margoles and her nurse Tanya did a really great job, I am so pleased! – V.G.

I know a lot of guys at the gym who feel like I do, you work your abs by doing crunches and cardio yet you still have that layer of fat … that never seems to disappear. That’s what drove me to Smartlipo. I was finally able to target that one problem area I had….my abs!!

The procedure was great and not painful at all. I have had traditional liposuction before, and this experience was far better. There was less bruising and I was able to go back to work the next day. My doctors were personable, professional and the service and attention from the entire staff made me feel comfortable and welcome. I highly recommend the Smartlipo procedure and these doctors to anyone. I even went back weeks later and had a second procedure done. – E.C.

I felt comfortable with Dr. Margoles right away. I have been thinking about liposuction for a long time but was afraid of the anesthesia and the pain. Then I heard about Smartlipo. My Smartlip was done on my abdomen and sides right in the office. The downtime was minimal, and there was very little bruising and pain! And best of all, it was all done under a local anesthesia so I didn’t experience any nausea, or adverse reactions. It was easier than I thought!! I went home, and did not even use my pain medication. I had the procedure on a Friday and was back to work on Monday. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with my results. In less than 2 weeks, I was down a complete size in my clothes!!! – L.C.

The Smartlipo process was easy and the results with Dr. Margoles exceeded my expectation. I never could have gotten these results on my own, even though I exercise regularly. I now have the shape I had always longed for. – J.C.

I had a double Mastectomy long with a TRAM Flap reconstruction surgery all in the same day. Upon finding out that I was diagnosed with stage 0-1 Ductal Carcinoma in Situ, I was advised by my oncologist after the lumpectomy to have a double Mastectomy performed. I was told that I was high risk for returning breast cancer … and that this would be the best result for me. I had a very bad experience with the surgeon who performed the reconstruction. I had excessive scaring along with a very large bulge at the tram sight. I also came down with a very bad infection as a result of the tummy tuck. I was told that I would not be able to have this fixed.

I met with several plastic surgeons including Dr. Margoles. I was very impressed with her from the beginning. She was very compassionate and knowledgeable and she listened to all of my concerns. I was extremely comfortable with her. She is the total package as far as I am concerned. I have since started my reconstruction revision surgery with her and have had my breasts done. They look amazing. Dr. Margoles is a true artist. In less than 3 weeks she is going to perform my stomach revision surgery and I am very excited. Her bedside manner is fabulous. I highly recommend her and her skills for anyone that needs this kind of surgery performed. Thank you Dr. Margoles I owe you my life for what you have done for me. You have begun to make me feel whole again. I can only imagine what I will feel like when all is done. You are truly amazing. – LP

I searched high and low for a doctor. I have an issue with loyalty. I have been going to a another doctor for all my other procedures and I was planning on going to him again for my Brazilian buttock lift despite my unhappiness with the outcome of my procedures. I felt that I was betraying him. I met with Dr. Margoles and could not believe that I had found a doctor that would make me feel as comfortable as Dr. Margoles did. She is an amazing person!!!!!”

Updated on 26 Feb 2013:
11 days post op and It gets better every day!!!!!!!  And guess what:  I am HAPPY……for the first time!!!!! Please if you are considering a Brazilian buttock lift I highly recommend her. – Anonymous

She is the best, very warm and precise. – L.E.

Dear Dr. Margoles: On September 15, I was in the Stamford Hospital Emergency room having had a terrible Vespa accident sans helmet. You were call and proceeded to put 15 stitches above my left eye.  I am writing to thank you and tell you that your skill is so superb that in another month or two I will not have a visible scar.  THANK YOU!  Your work is amazing and I am truly grateful.  -K.H.

Dear Dr. Margoles: Just a quick note to thank you for putting me back together on the night of 6/30. It’s been almost 4 months and no one would know what you had to deal with that night.  Dr. L (NYC) was very impressed and as of now it looks like I am good to go with no further “adjustments.”  Brilliant! -J.T.C.

Overall, amazing.  Pre-op all questions were answered and explained.  Surgery was the best decision I’ve made. The support post op was great.  Always able to reach someone if I had a concern and would recommend your services to anyone! -J.G.

My experience with Dr. Margoles couldn’t be any better!  Dr. Margoles and team were there for me each step of the way!  From surgery to basic checkups, she was always there for me for any questions I had!  Even when I had a question from home she would always pick up the phone and give me an answer!  I couldn’t be happier with the results of my surgery!  I would recommend her to anyone! -J.S.

Dear Dr. Margoles: Thank you so much for all your help, support and undivided attention throughout this journey.  I have no words to express my gratitude. -G.T.

Compassionate, extremely competent! I can’t say enough about Dr. Margoles. I am a breast cancer patient who was disfigured by a top-doctor (according to New Yorker Magazine) and the head plastic surgeon at Memorial Sloan Kettering.  Dr. Margoles corrected his work and gave me an excellent, better than expected outcome. -S.K.

My mom, V.B., passed away two weeks ago and one of the regrets is that I don’t remember the names of everyone at the office that I would like to personally thank.  From Dr. Margoles, to the nurses, the receptionist, every last one of you treated my mom with respect and dignity.  You didn’t write her off just because she was 87. You praised her painting, truly the only thing that brought her joy, and put up with her when the slightest touch to the wound caused her pain. You are extraordinary people and I am deeply thankful you came into my mom’s life.  There are not enough cookies or brownies that can begin to express how much your professionalism and caring meant to us both.  With deepest appreciation, -N.H.

I was diagnosed with “stage 0” DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ) and after all the biopsies had been evaluated it was determined that a “partial mastectomy” would be my first course of treatment. Due to the size of the area, I was advised to have reconstruction at the time of the surgery. I interviewed two doctors and chose Dr. Margoles as the clear choice, based on how clear and straightforwardly she provided me with information about the procedure and also based on my first impression dealing with her office (Landon, kudos to you!)

Post-operatively, my pathology came back with good news /bad news. Nothing other than DCIS was found, but there were no clear margins and therefore a mastectomy was the next step on the path. This was a lot easier for me to accept because I already had many reasons to be happy with Dr. Margoles and to trust her.

I had my mastectomy at the beginning of December. Dr. Margoles and my breast surgeon explained that it was likely I would wake up with a tissue expander (necessitating a multi-stage reconstruction) and that I would probably lose my nipple (already somewhat compromised by the earlier surgery.) However when I woke up I had a brand-new breast, and most of my nipple was still intact; the doctors were able to accomplish a single-stage reconstruction! I am now 2 months into the healing process and the results are better than I anticipated.

Why I heartily endorse & recommend Dr. Margoles:

  • In every interaction I have had, she has provided me with straightforward and comprehensive information about all possible outcomes (both good and bad.)
  • She took all the time needed to make me feel comfortable with all my options.
  • She set my expectations very clearly and realistically and then delivered great results.
  • She has been accessible to me off-hours throughout this process; I never had to sit around biting my nails worrying about whether something was wrong – I could just contact her and get advice and/or answers.
  • She treated me as a full partner in my health decisions.

I anticipate returning as a cosmetic patient – after my “new” breast heals I will likely want to achieve some improvement in symmetry with my other breast, and I’m confident that she will be able to help me with this too. -L.G

I went to Dr. Margoles for Liposuction of my stomach and Breast Augmentation. She did a fantastic job!  Minimal scarring and my breasts came out better than expected and look so real not too high up just right!  When I first got them, I felt a lot of pain…Dr. Margoles came into the office on her day off just to check me and make sure everything was ok… which it was!  The day of my surgery I was so nervous, Dr. Margoles was so calming and made me nice and relaxed. I would definitely not only recommend her but go back to her if I need any other cosmetic surgery! -M.C.

I had gastric bypass a few years back and lost a lot of weight. Dr. Margoles did a tummy tuck and I could not be happier with the results.  She is very professional and down to earth.  I was so happy with the results that I went back to her throughout the years and had additional surgeries done; an eyelift and a neck lift…I loved the results! I recommend Dr. Margoles to anyone needing any kind of plastic or reconstructive surgery. -E.A.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February of 2014. I knew I wanted a double mastectomy. I was faced with many challenges one finding a plastic surgeon. I just wanted someone I could trust, be comfortable with and most importantly someone who didn’t make me feel like ‘just another patient.” I researched several plastic surgeons one being Dr. Margoles. No doubt I was scared and had so many questions. From the moment I made the call to make my consultation appointment I felt at ease. Landon, Dr. Margoles’ assistant was so compassionate. He explained thoroughly what to expect at the consultation. Thanks Landon for making my call and visit a little less overwhelming. You are truly a gem and Dr. Margoles is lucky to have someone like you by her side.

I knew immediately when I walked into her office this was the doctor I was going to use. The office atmosphere was so inviting. During the consultation all my questions were answered I felt so confident that I remember telling Dr. Margoles before I left the office that she was the one who I wanted as my plastic surgeon. As I write this today, August 2014, the tissue expanders are still in me. I’m scheduled to have by breast reconstructiona on August 26, 2014. I’m so excited to see what the final results will look like. Thank you Dr. Margoles for making me feel special and not just like another patient. You truly are an incredible plastic surgeon. You are amazing! – G.L.

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