Thigh Lift

Thigh lift surgery reduces excess skin, and sometimes fat, for more proportioned contours of the lower body. Often times, fitness and diet regimes fail to produce the result you desire in this area. If this is the case, you might benefit from a thigh lift procedure with Dr. Margoles.

Benefits of Thigh Lift Surgery

Thigh lifts are beneficial to individuals who have large amounts of loose or hanging skin on the thighs. The end goal is to return the contour of the lower body section to a more proportional and desired appearance.

A thigh lift is best to treat:

  • Excessive amount of skin or tissue
  • Restore and define contour

The best candidates for thigh lift surgery are those who do not smoke, are in generally good health, able to maintain a stable weight, and who have a positive and realistic outlook for their desired outcome.

Your Surgery with Dr. Margoles

Thigh lifts are specialized procedures customized to your needs. Dr. Sandra Margoles will discuss the placement of incisions patterns at your consultation. A common pattern used in thigh lift surgery is making the incision in the groin, extending downward and then wrapping around the back of the thigh. The other pattern is making the incision only in the groin and is considered a minimally invasive surgery.

Either method is effective and is designed to tighten and reshape your thighs for a smoother and more defined contour. Incisions are discrete but they may be extensive, requiring deep sutures within the tissue. You will have scars from your incisions but they will dissipate over time.

What to Expect After Your Thigh Lift Surgery

When your thigh lift is complete, the treated area will be wrapped in surgical gauze or a compression garment to help with the swelling. You can expect to see a tighter contour immediately after your surgery but full recovery will take anywhere between 4-6 weeks. Surgical drains maybe inserted to help with excess fluid within the first week.

Patients should their activities limited for the first few weeks after this type of plastic surgery. Specific care instructions will be discussed that fit your unique situation. It is important to follow Dr. Margoles post-operative instructions carefully to ensure the best results and easiest recovery.

Contact us to Learn More

Patients from Stamford and Greenwich seek out Dr. Margoles exceptional surgical procedures including her thigh lift option. If you feel you are ready to discuss your options with thigh lift surgery, contact our Greenwich office today (203)869-2939 to schedule your consultation.

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