Scar Revision

No one scar is alike, but they are all a potential cause for self-consciousness and embarrassment. No matter where the scar may fall on your body, Dr. Margoles will treat each patient’s unique case with extra compassion and understanding by recommending the right treatment for your situation.

Benefits of Scar Revision Surgery

The major benefit to scar revision surgery with Dr. Margoles is that it will bring you back as close to normal as possible. Through scar revision surgery, patients become less aware of their scars, opening them to more comfortable engagement with others and improving their self-confidence.

Scar revision surgery is a good option if you:

  • Are bothered by a scar
  • Are physically healthy
  • Do not have active acne or other skin diseases

Scar revision surgery is a relatively quick, painless and low cost procedure that nearly anyone can benefit from.

Your Scar Revision Surgery with Dr. Margoles

There are many factors that contribute to scar formation and depending on the severity of your scar, multiple revisions may be necessary. Some of the treatments that Dr. Margoles provides are extraction of the scar, revision with skin flaps, dermabrasion, and injectable fillers for indentations.

If surgery is necessary, it can be performed under local anesthesia and sedation can be added to make you more comfortable. Skin flaps are the typical surgical solution for scar revision and are created by using healthier skin around the treated area, allowing for the new incisions to heal properly and more appealingly.

What to Expect After Your Scar Revision Surgery

You may want to avoid aspirin and aspirin-containing products for 2 weeks prior to your scar revision surgery. This will help prevent excessive amounts of bruising and swelling afterwards.

Patients will wake up with dressings and will need to leave them on until the next day. Resting for a solid eight hours following surgery is standard. If the treatment area was on the face or head, Dr. Margoles may advise you to keep it elevated while you sleep to promote proper lymphatic drainage and to keep the swelling down.

Any discomfort can be controlled with pain medication but should subside after 4-5 days. Most individuals return to work after 2-3 days, but it is advised that you refrain from heavy activity for at least two weeks.

Contact us to Learn More About Scar Revision Surgery in Fairfield County

If you would like to learn more about ways to revise and improve the look of your scars, contact the office of Greenwich plastic surgeon, Dr. Margoles. Patients all over Fairfield County including Stamford, New Caanan, Norwalk, Ryebrook, Darien, Westport, and Greenwich are experiencing the art, innovation and excellence of Dr. Margoles’ work. Don’t wait to schedule your consultation today.


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