Radiesse Injections in Fairfield County

Do you long for the days when your face was fuller and your skin was smoother? Do you wish to reverse the signs of aging but hesitate to undergo surgery? If so, Radiesse treatment with Dr. Sandra Margoles may be right for you. Radiesse is an FDA-approved injectable treatment with properties that replenish skin volume and elasticity, all while smoothing wrinkles and lines. Dr. Sandra Margoles is pleased to offer the injectable treatment as an effective and minimally invasive solution that can help you achieve a long-lasting, natural and youthful appearance.

About Radiesse

Radiesse is a biocompatible dermal filler used to treat facial lines and wrinkles by adding volume to facial areas. Unlike Juvederm and other hyaloronic acid based fillers, Radiesse consists of tiny calcium microspheres that stimulate collagen growth. Collagen is an essential protein in the skin, but its production slows down with age. As the skin’s natural collagen breaks down, facial volume is lost, resulting in wrinkles, facial lines and skin laxity that rob the skin of its youthful, fresh appearance. The Radiesse injectable delivers collagen to the treatment area, plumping skin and smoothing out lines and creases.

Benefits of Radiesse

Radiesse is an effective solution for even the most prominent facial lines, like those that form around the nose and mouth. The injectable treatment has the added benefit of stimulating the body’s natural collagen production, which improves the overall appearance of the skin over the long term. Over time, the skin will look softer, healthier and supple.

Radiesse Can Treat:

  • Smile lines
  • Marionette lines (lines between the nose and the mouth’s outer corners)
  • Lines on the corners of the mouth
  • Thin or aged lips
  • Sunken, hollowed cheeks and jawline
  • Facial scars that you wish to fill in

What to Expect from your Radiesse Treatment

A Radiesse injectable treatment can be completed in one convenient visit to Dr. Margoles’ office. To prepare the targeted area(s) for injection, Dr. Margoles may apply a topical numbing agent. Next, the doctor will use a fine needle to inject small amounts of Radiesse into the treatment area. The initial results of Radiesse occur almost immediately; lines and wrinkles are smoothed as the targeted areas become fuller. Once treatment is completed, you will be able to immediately return to work or resume your everyday activities. Treatment is pain-free and typically takes no more than 30 minutes.

After Your Radiesse Treatment

Results from Radiesse are gradual, with the final results lasting up to 18 months. Swelling and bruising are rare and temporary side effects that should subside within a few days after treatment. For long lasting results, repeat injections are recommended. Dr. Margoles can discuss a treatment plan with you in detail during your initial consultation.

Learn More about Radiesse

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of Radiesse and how it can help you look and feel younger for years to come? Dr. Margoles will gladly meet with you to answer all of your questions. Schedule a one-on-one consultation with the doctor by calling her Fairfield County office at (203) 869-2939.

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