Face Lift

Dr. Margoles can help you maintain the contours of your facial features by offering facelifts (technically known as rhytidectomy), which reduce and improve the signs of aging. As we become older, our facial skin can begin to sag and this can add years to your appearance. A facelift at one of our Greenwich or Stamford facilities can help you look younger, more refreshed, while keeping the integrity of your natural facial contours.


Fairfield County patients who choose to undergo a facelift can expect to have a beautifully enhanced look with little to no visible scarring. In some cases, individuals report looking 10-12 years younger and the results can last years. The best candidates for this surgery are those whose face has begun sag due to aging.

A facelift can treat:

  • Excess fat deposits
  • Hanging jowls
  • Excess skin

If you are considering face lift surgery you should be a healthy male or female who does not smoke and is somewhere between 40-60 years old. Patients should have realistic expectations and should expect a facelift to restore vitality or endurance. Some patients also undergo eyelid surgery or a neck lift to achieve the most desirable results.

Your Procedure With Dr. Margoles

Before beginning the 2-3 hour facelift procedure, local anesthesia combined with sedatives or general anesthesia will be provided. The exact sequence of incisions and methods depends on your facial structure. Dr. Margoles can discuss your exact procedure during your consultation.

The general procedure requires the separation of skin from the underlying tissue and muscles. If necessary, the fat will be trimmed or suctioned, the muscle will be tighten and the skin will be pulled back. The incision will be stitched closed in an inconspicuous area.

What to Expect After Your Facelift

After this type of cosmetic surgery, you may feel some discomfort. If you have drainage tubes, they will need to be removed one or two days following your facelift. Any bandages that were applied can be removed one to five days after surgery along with any sutures. Do not be surprise if there is still some minor swelling, bruising or paleness.

Most patients look and feel much better within the three weeks following surgery and the majority are back to work in 10 days. If scarring is still present, concealer can be used to cover up the undesired markings. You can expect that over time the scars will fade and flatten.

Contact us to Learn More about Facelift Surgery in Fairfield County

Dr. Margoles sees individuals from all over Fairfield County. Patients come from Stamford, New Caanan, Norwalk, Ryebrook, Darien and Westport. We encourage you to contact our Greenwich office by calling (203)869-2939 to schedule a consultation for your facelift surgery.

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