Male Breast Reduction

Male breast surgery is not as uncommon as most think. Gynecomastia is a medical condition in which men have an imbalance of hormones resulting in enlarged breasts and currently affects 40-60 percent of men. Dr. Margoles recognizes this growing condition and understands the need to offer such a service.

Benefits of Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Male beast reduction surgery can correct gynecomastia and restore a more masculine appearance. A man's masculinity is often attributed to a chiseled, defined chest area. Men experience low self-confidence when they not only lack in this area but have overly enlarged breasts resulting in a more feminine chest appearance.

Male breast reduction is best for:

  • Men who cannot correct their condition through alternative treatments
  • Men who are bothered by enlarged breasts
  • Men whose breast growth has stabilized

Men struggling with gynecomastia feel that their opportunity to achieve the ideal look is nearly impossible. In Greenwich, Dr. Margoles is giving that opportunity back by offering breast reduction for men. This procedure not only improves a man's appearance but help them regain their self-confidence, both in and out of clothing.

Your Male Breast Reduction Surgery with Dr. Margoles

Before undergoing surgery for gynecomastia, Dr. Margoles will help you identify its cause. At that point, she will determine whether your condition can be treated with other procedures before considering surgery. Some men are left only with breast reduction surgery as an option. Dr. Margoles is highly skilled in reduction mammoplasty and is able to reduce the glandular tissue and sculpt the chest area in men with precision and care.

By customizing this procedure to fit each patient, Greenwich plastic surgeon Dr. Sandra Margoles is able to address individual needs. For some men, small incisions are made along the areola's edge or under the breast to remove excess tissue. The skin is pulled over the redefined tissue and the areola is repositioned using sutures to close each incision. Other patients will benefit from Dr. Margoles' liposuction procedure or even her latest Smartlipo technology offered at her Greenwich office.

What to Expect After Your Male Breast Reduction Surgery

For a few days after surgery, most patients experience some discomfort due to soreness, swelling or bruising. Supportive garments may be needed to help with the swelling but will no longer be necessary after a few weeks. The full benefits of your newly sculpted chest can be enjoyed three months after surgery.

Dr. Margoles will provide you with care instructions which are important to follow for a healthy recovery. Normal activities can resume once you feel they can be performed comfortably and any strenuous activity should be avoided for at least a month after your procedure. Male patients can expect the results of their breast reduction surgery to last for years to come.

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