Breast Implant Revision in Fairfield County


Want to adjust your breast implants in Fairfield County? Dr. Margoles specializes in breast enhancement revision techniques that provide more aesthetically pleasing results. The results of breast augmentation surgery are not permanent and over time you may choose breast implant revision surgery in Fairfield County to replace or restore your youthful contour again. If you feel dissatisfied with your breast implants, contact us to discuss how they can be improved.


Whether your implants no longer fit your lifestyle, desires or medical needs, or you are unhappy with your results, breast revision surgery may be an appropriate solution for you.

Breast implant revision surgery is good to:

  • Alter size preference
  • Removal of implants
  • Change from saline to silicone
  • Improve appearance due to aging, weight loss or hormonal factors

The best candidates for Fairfield County breast implant revisions are women looking to improve the appearance of their previous augmentation surgery. Some medical indications where breast implant revision surgery may benefit you include implant displacement, visible rippling, capsular contracture, or ruptured implant.

Your Breast Implant Revision Surgery with Dr. Margoles

Your breast revision surgery is very straight-forward. Breast implants are removed or replaced through the same incision as when you underwent your augmentation. If restoration is needed you may be a candidate for another type of breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast reconstruction procedure. Dr. Margoles can discuss your options in-depth at your consultation.


While you may experience an undesirable aesthetic appearance after the removal of your breast implants, it should be known that it is almost always possible to restore them back to a pleasing appearance. Revision breast surgery is one of the top procedures performed by Dr. Margoles. She and her staff will diligently work with you to meet your desired goals to achieve a renewed self-confidence.

Contact us to Learn More About Breast Revision Surgery in Fairfield County

Dr. Margoles specializes in breast revision surgery in Fairfield County. She offers her highly specialized expertise to patients in cities such as Stamford and Greenwich. Contact our Greenwich, CT office today by calling (203)869-2939 to schedule your consultation.


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